SQ593 - FAQ's

How do I identify what model motherboard I have.

The model number is printed on the cover of the manual.  If you lost the manual you can compare your board to the pictures of the motherboards on our website to try and identify your board.

Where is the Serial Number and PWA Number on my motherboard.

The Serial Number is the long bar code sticker and the PWA Number is the short bar code sticker.  They are located on the side of the last ISA slot (The ISA slot closest to the edge of the board).

How do I tell wich BIOS version I have.

When you first turn the computer and the screen displays the Energy Star Logo.  On third line down from the top, towards the end of the line it will say either Ver: or Version: and then have BIOS version number.

Does my board support the MMX CPU's

There were two models of motherboards the Pre-MMX and the Post-MMX. The Pre-MMX motherboards do not have the second voltage regulator for the 2.8 volt setting and does not support the MMX CPU's. The post-MMX board does have the second voltage regulator and supports the 2.8 volt setting for MMX.

The way to tell which board you have is to look in the corner of your board by the CPU socket and see how many heat sink are on the board. If their is only one heat sink you have a Pre-MMX board. If thier are two heat sinks you have a Post-MMX board.





non-mmx.jpg - 14227 Bytes mmx.jpg - 12375 Bytes

I didn't get a PS/2 mouse connector with my motherboard. Where can I get one?

You should be able to get a PS/2 mouse connector from the place you purchesed your motherboard from.

I'm having problems getting a SQ593 5-pin header to PS/2 mouse interface cable. Could you tell me the pin-out of the 5-pin header on the motherboard.

Match pins 1-5 on the motherboard header with numbers of the holes on the connector face to the right. Note: Pin hole six is not used.

I am trying to add an IrDA. What is the pin out for the IrDA connector.

1 - VCC
2 - FIRRX  (mode select or fast IR receive)
3 - IRIA   (IR receive)
4 - GND
5 - IROA   (IR transmit)