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User's Manual

SQ591 - (Discontinued)
** Attention All Customers **
This product has been End of Life (EOL) . BCM no longer supplies these EOL products. The links associated with these EOL products are ONLY for support purpose where customers are still able to download the drivers/BIOS/manual and etc for their products on hand. Please CLICK HERE to see our current products.

CPU: CPU speed/voltage support may be dependant upon motherboard/BIOS revision
dot.gif (72 bytes)75MHz-233MHz
dot.gif (72 bytes)Intel, Cyrix/IBM, AMD and IDT
dot.gif (72 bytes)Intel ZIF socket 7 for CPU

System Chipset:
dot.gif (72 bytes)Intel Triton VX 430VX Chipset and Winbond 83877F/AF I/O Controller
dot.gif (72 bytes)50MHz, 60MHz or, 66MHz Bus speeds

Cache Memory:
dot.gif (72 bytes)256KB Pipline Burst SRAM onboard

System Memory:
dot.gif (72 bytes)8MB Min - 128MB Max Memory Capacity
dot.gif (72 bytes)Supports both EDO and SDRAM
dot.gif (72 bytes)4 x 72 pin SIMM sockets

dot.gif (72 bytes)Supports 4, 8, 16 and 32 MB FP/EDO SIMM's
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 x 168 pin DIMM sockets
dot.gif (72 bytes)Supports 8, 16 and 32 MB SDRAM DIMM's

On Board PCI IDE:
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 X PCI Bus Master IDE Ports(Up to 4 IDE Devices)
dot.gif (72 bytes)Support PIO Mode 0, 1, 2, 3
dot.gif (72 bytes)Supports Enhanced IDE PIO mode 3 and 4, 17MB/sec.(Max.)

On board I/O:
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 Floppy Port(up to 2.88 MB)
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 Parallel Port(ECP, EPP)
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 Serial Ports(16C550 Fast UART Compatible)
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 AT Keyboard Port
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 PS/2 Mouse Header

dot.gif (72 bytes)2 Standard USB Headers (48MHz) Supports up to 127 USB Devices 
dot.gif (72 bytes)Consumer IR and IrDA interface header

dot.gif (72 bytes)1M-bit Flash EPROM
dot.gif (72 bytes)Award PCII BIOS with Green and PnP Function
dot.gif (72 bytes)IDE Auto-configuring
dot.gif (72 bytes)DMI Support

Expansion Slots :
dot.gif (72 bytes)4 PCI Slots(Include 1 shared)
dot.gif (72 bytes)3 ISA Slots

Form Factor :
dot.gif (72 bytes)Baby AT form factor
dot.gif (72 bytes)Board size: 9.75" x 8.75"