How do I identify what model motherboard I have.

The model number is printed on the cover of the manual.  If you lost the manual you can compare your board to the pictures of the motherboards on our website to try and identify your board.

Where is the Serial Number and PWA Number on my motherboard.

The Serial Number is the long bar code sticker and the PWA Number is the short bar code sticker.  They are located on the front edge of the board next to the IDE conectors.

How do I tell wich BIOS version I have.

When you first turn the computer and the screen displays the Energy Star Logo.  On third line down from the top, towards the end of the line it will say either Ver: or Version: and then have BIOS version number.

I can't get my Seagate hard drive to work on this motherboard!

BCM Advanced Research and Seagate Technology have identified an issue between motherboards that use the SIS 5598 chipsets and certain models of Seagate hard disc drives. This issue only affects certain drive models. This is an incompatibility issue and not a fault of either device.

The affected drives are identified by a chip with the following number: CL-SH7630

For more information goto:

I am trying to add an IrDA. What is the pin out for the IrDA connector.

1 - VCC
2 - FIRRX  (mode select or fast IR receive)
3 - IRIA   (IR receive)
4 - GND
5 - IROA   (IR transmit)

* Product specifications subject to change without notice.

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