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User's Manual
** Attention All Customers **
This product has been End of Life (EOL) . BCM no longer supplies these EOL products. The links associated with these EOL products are ONLY for support purpose where customers are still able to download the drivers/BIOS/manual and etc for their products on hand. Please CLICK HERE to see our current products.

CPU: CPU speed/voltage support may be dependant upon motherboard/BIOS revision
dot.gif (72 bytes)66MHz-100MHz
dot.gif (72 bytes)Intel Celeron
dot.gif (72 bytes)Intel Socket 370 For CPU

System Chipset:
dot.gif (72 bytes)Intel 810 Chipset
dot.gif (72 bytes)66 and 100MHz Bus speed

dot.gif (72 bytes)Winbond W83977EF-AW I/O Controller

Cache Memory:
dot.gif (72 bytes)Integrated in the CPU

Intel AGP Graphics:
dot.gif (72 bytes)3D 64bit 133Mhz AGP with either
dot.gif (72 bytes)2-11 MB Dynamic UMA memory architecture

On-Board Sound:
dot.gif (72 bytes)ADI soft sound codec or
dot.gif (72 bytes)Aurel 8810 32-bit PCI sound

Wake On LAN:  
dot.gif (72 bytes)Remote Wake-Up of computer through a network.

System Memory:
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 x 168 pin DIMM sockets, support 32MB minimum and up to 512MB maximum
dot.gif (72 bytes)Supports 32, 64, 128 and 256MB SDRAM DIMM using 16/64/128Mb technology

On Board PCI IDE:
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 X PCI Bus Master IDE Ports(Up to 4 IDE Devices)
dot.gif (72 bytes)Support PIO Mode 0, 1, 2, 3
dot.gif (72 bytes)Supports Enhanced IDE PIO mode 3 and 4, 17MB/sec.(Max.)
dot.gif (72 bytes)Support UDMA Mode 66MB/sec.(Max.)

On board I/O:
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 Floppy Port(up to 2.88 MB)
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 Parallel Port(ECP, EPP)
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 Serial Ports(16C550 Fast UART Compatible) with FIFO's, Plug & Play
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 PS/2 Keyboard Port
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 PS/2 Mouse Header
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 Standard USB Ports(48MHz) Supports up to 127 USB Devices 
dot.gif (72 bytes)Consumer IR and IrDA interface

dot.gif (72 bytes)4M-bit Flash EPROM
dot.gif (72 bytes)AMI BIOS with Green and PnP Function
dot.gif (72 bytes)IDE Auto-configuring
dot.gif (72 bytes)PC97/98 Ready
dot.gif (72 bytes)ACPI Compliant
dot.gif (72 bytes)DMI Support
dot.gif (72 bytes)Instant-On

Expansion Slots:
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 AMR Slot
dot.gif (72 bytes)3 PCI Slots
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 DFP Slots

Form Factor:
dot.gif (72 bytes)Micro ATX form factor
dot.gif (72 bytes)Board size: 8.625" x 9.625"