IN530 - FAQ's

Q: How do I tell wich BIOS version I have?


A: When you first turn the computer and the screen displays the Energy Star Logo. On third line down from the top, towards the end of the line it will say either Ver: or Version: and then have BIOS version number.

Q: I ran a diagnostic utility and I got a message that indicated the L2 cache was not enabled. How do I determine if L2 cache should or should not be enabled?


A: To verify, press key while booting up to enter the setup. When you are in the setup screen, look for L2 Cache which should display 512K and you should not be able to adjust that setting. If you do, that is a good chance that your diagnostic utility has a bug or is outdated. Otherwise your board may have cache being absent from the configuration or damaged. If the cache is absent or damaged, there is no remedy but to have the board repaired.

Q: Where is the Serial Number and PWA Number on my motherboard?


A: The Serial number is the long bar code sticker and the PWA number is the short bar code sticker. They are located in between the PCI and ISA slots.

Q: How do I identify what model motherboard I have?


A: The model number is printed on the cover of the manual. If you lost the manual you can compare your board to the pictures of the motherboards on our website to try and identify your board.

Q: The mass image shows Audio having an error, it did not occur before and the PWA and PWB are the same (C10), what have been changed?


A: There is a change in ESS Solo1 chip from Rev H to Rev K and will cause the Windows to see it as a different chip. The existing Audio drivers will support it. Our mistake for not updating the PWA revision from C10 to C11 before today.

Q: My system clock seems to be slow or stopped working. Is it a problem with my motherboard?


A: Yes. But the fix is very easy. Go to any electronic store like Radio Shack and find CR2032 battery. Please follow the instructions carefully:

1) Power down the system if it is not already off.
2) Unplug the system from wall outlet.
3) Remove the system cover.
4) Disconnect the power connector from the motherboard.
5) Carefully remove the CMOS battery (CR2032) from the motherboard and discard it.
6) Install new CR2032 that you bought into the battery holder.
7) Reconnect the power connector.
8) Close the cover, and plug the system.
9) Power up and enter the BIOS settings as you need to re-set the time and date as well as any other configurations there may be lost during the process.

Q: I need an IR port for this board. Is this available directly through BCM?

I/O Port

A: No. We are a board manufacturer, not a distributor. We do not manufacture or recommend any IR ports, but we provide the IR pin out information in this FAQ.

Q: I am trying to add an IrDA. What is the pin out for the IrDA connector?

I/O Port

A: IrDA Pin-Out is as follows:

1) VCC
2) FIRRX (mode select or fast IR receive)
3) IRIA (IR receive)
4) GND
5) IROA (IR transmit)

Q: I am having a trouble with USB using HP Scanner, what is it?

I/O Port

A: HP scanner problem, it works fine with IN530 there after re-installing the HP scanner driver, thus, the problem may be caused by operating issue. We also tried the Iomega USB ZIP 100 device in AMI, and it work fine after installing the driver, but there was a warning message appeared that the USB controller didn't support USB spec. 1.1, if you combine both low speed USB device (just like USB mouse, keyboard) and high speed USB device (just like USB camera), then maybe cause the data corruption. We checked the SiS data sheet, that SIS7001 USB Controller only support USB spec 1.0. By having a USB spec 1.0 it will cause some USB devices can not be used on IN530.

Q: I put 256MB of SDRAM but didn't get the performance gain.


A: Due to the SiS chipset limitation, if the cache size is 512k only then the performance will be maxmized. on 128MB SDRAM.

Q: What is the V-I/O for AMD 500Mhz?


A: V-I/O is always 3.3V. V-core is 2.2V and the maximum is 2.4V.

Q: I am getting intermittent lock-ups and getting VCACHE errors (on the blue screen) as I have already tried swapping all components including CPU. Is my board defective?

Operating System

A: Apparently, yes. Please contact to your point of purchase for a replacement or have it repaired.

Q: My motherboard doesn't work with Windows 95 and my AMD CPU?

Operating System

A: When you are starting Windows 95 OSR2, OSR2.1, or OSR2.5 on a computer with an AMD-K6-2 processor running at speeds of 350 MHz and above, you may receive one of the following error messages:

Device IOS failed to initialize.
Windows Protection Error.
You must reboot your computer.

The first error is a result of a divide exception in IOS.VXD, the second is due to a similar error within ESDI_506.PDR or SCSIPORT.PDR.
This observation is caused by a software timing loop that is sensitive to processor frequency, and is not a processor erratum. This DOES NOT occur with Windows 98 or Windows NTŪ. AMD has worked closely with Microsoft to enable a publicly available solution which is available at
This problem is very intermittent at 350MHz or above. Note that it is necessary to reboot the computer after the error occurs. If the error does not occur, the system will run normally.

Microsoft Knowledge Base reference article(s): Q192841 AMD K6-2/350 CPU Windows Protection Error at boot time.

Q: After running for a while, I came to the point I need to restart it, the system hangs during Windows splash screen. But if I shut down and wait for a few minutes and boot it up which runs fine. What is the problem?

Operating System

A: Your system is more likely to be running too hot. Make sure your heatsink for your CPU seats right flat on top of your CPU, and your system fan to work okay.

Q: Is the IN530 MS Windows 2000 compatible?

Operating System

A: Yes.

Q: Show up "illegal operation" message.


A: 1. Flash the BIOS to latest version (with update VGA BIOS in it). 2. Download the latest video drivers from 3. It could be the memory issue too and try to replace the memory. 4. Change heat Sink which is not qualified. Over heated will pop out the same problem.

Q: How to disable the Video and put another AGP card on it?


A: JP1 is the switch to enable/disable on-board AGP which is located near the DIMM socket.

Q: Is there anyway of overclocking the video on this motherboard?


A: No.

Q: I ran the system with a 17" monitor (as a Hansol Electronics Mazellan 700A) Mega Image, model #770HM. It displays at 640 x 480 without problem, but if I switch to 800 x 600 the video blacks out when entering Windows. I used different video which worked fine.


A: Mega Image #770HM monitor does not work with Hansol Electronics Mazellan 700A driver. Blacking out video may be because of the refresh rate is too high for this particular monitor and it blacks out to protect the tube from damage. You may have to obtain this monitor driver, or use Windows VGA drivers (monitor.inf) provided in the Windows CD.

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