IN530 - Bios Updates

Files Included
in Zip:

Flash.bat Batch file for flashing the BIOS
????????.rom BIOS binary file
Flash808.exe AMI Flash Utility

Instructions for flashing your BIOS

Step 1. Be sure you have downloaded the correct BIOS file from the Website.

Step 2. Note the settings of the SETUP parameters. Enter SETUP by hitting the Delete or F1 or F2 key during boot up. Write down the settings for each of parameters. At the end of the BIOS update process you should load the setup defaults, and then re-enter these values you have written down.

Step 3. Insert a floppy disk into drive A.  Format the floppy disk and make it bootable.  (Make sure the floppy does not have a config.sys or autoexec.bat file on it)

Step 4. Extract the contents of the .ZIP file you downloaded, onto the bootable floppy disk that you created during Step 3.

Step 5. Place the bootable floppy containing the BIOS files into drive a: of the system that you want to upgrade and boot the system.  (Make sure the BIOS setting has drive A has a primary boot check.)

Step 6. At the command prompt type Flash.bat

WARNING! DO NOT turn off or reset computer in the middle of the flash process!

Step 7. When the program prompts you to reset your computer, either turn off or reset the computer

Step 9. After computer reboots go into CMOS setup and load Setup Defaults.  Re-enter any of the CMOS values you have written down.  Save and exit when you are done.

Note: You may encounter a CMOS Checksum error after rebooting. CMOS checksum errors require that you enter Setup, check your settings, save your settings, and exit Setup.

Bios Revision: 1.28  - Date: 4/24/2000
Bios Revision: 1.24  - Date: 12/2/1999
Bios Revision: 1.23  - Date: 10/26/1999
Bios Revision: 1.22  - Date: 6/22/1999
Bios Revision: 1.21  - Date: 5/11/1999
Bios Revision: 1.15  - Date: 3/3/1999
Bios Revision: 1.11j  - Date: 1/29/1999

* Product specifications subject to change without notice.