User's Manual

FX815ELT - Intel FX-370 Tualatin PIII Mini FlexATX MB



General Functions


• CPU: Support Intel F FC-PGA/FC-PGA2 Pentium III/ Celeron CPU’s (CopperMine/ Tualatin), FSB up to 133MHz 

• CPU Socket: Intel universal socket 370 


• Chipset: Intel 815E-B AGPset (FW82815E+FW82801BA) 

• I/O Chipset: Winbond W83627HF-AW 

• Memory: Two 168-pin DIMM socket support up to 512MB SDRAM 

• Enhanced IDE: Supports up to four IDE devices. Support ultra DMA 33/66/100 mode with data transfer rate up to 100 MB/Sec. 

• FDD Interface: Supports up to two floppy disk devices, 5.25"(360KB and 1.2MB) and/or 3.5" (720 KB, 1.44MB, and2.88MB) 

• Parallel Port: One bi-directional parallel port. Supports SPP, ECP and EPP modes

• Serial Port: Two RS232 serial ports, ports can be configured as COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4 or disabled individually. (16c550 equivalent) 

• IR Interface: Supports one IrDA Header 

• KB/Mouse Connector: Two 6-pin mini-DIN connectors supports PS/2 keyboard and mouse 

• USB Connectors: four USB ports (two by 5x2 Header) 

• DMA: Seven DMA channels (8237 equivalent) 

• Interrupt: Fifteen interrupt levels (8259 equivalent) 

• Power Management: Supports ATX power supply.



VGA Interface

• Chipset: Intel Integrated 815E-B 2D/3D graphics accelerator 

• Display Memory: Intel DVM Technology 

• Resolution: Up to 1280x1024 @ 24bpp


• Chipset: Chrontel CH7008A TV encoder 

• Interface: RCA and SVideo



Audio Interface

• Chipset: Intel 82801BA ICH2 

• AC97 Codec: AD1885 

• Audio Controller: AC97 ver. 2.0 compliant interface, Multi-stream direct sound and direct 3D acceleration 

• Audio Interface: Two audio phone jacks for microphone in/ line in, pin headers for CD audio in, Speaker out L/R



Ethernet Interface

• Chipset: Intel 82801BA ICH2 build-in PCI-bus Ethernet controller with Intel DA82562ET 

• Ethernet Interface: PCI 10/100Mbps, IEEE 802.3U compatible, RJ45 interface



IEEE 1394 Interface

• Chipset: Agere FW323-05 PCI 1394A Integrated Host controller 

• Interface: IEEE 1394 interface, two 400Mbit Dual-Port PHY supports (1 port by header)



Expansion Interface

• One 32bit PCI slot



Mechanical and Environmental

• Power Supply Voltage: ATX type, +3.3V, +5V, +12V, +5VSB, -5V. 

• Operating Temperature: 32 to 140° F (0 to 60° C) 

• Board Size: Flex ATX form factor, 6.8" x 7.25" (185 mm x 170 mm)