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User's Manual
** Attention All Customers **
This product has been End of Life (EOL) . BCM no longer supplies these EOL products. The links associated with these EOL products are ONLY for support purpose where customers are still able to download the drivers/BIOS/manual and etc for their products on hand. Please CLICK HERE to see our current products.

CPU: CPU speed/voltage support may be dependant upon motherboard/BIOS revision
dot.gif (72 bytes)533MHz-1GHz (100/66 MHz Bus speed)
dot.gif (72 bytes)Intel Celeron and Pentium III FC-PGA
dot.gif (72 bytes)Intel Socket 370 for CPU

System Chipset:
dot.gif (72 bytes)Intel 82440BX AGP/PCI/ISA Chipset, PIIX4
dot.gif (72 bytes)Winbond super W83977EF/CTF
dot.gif (72 bytes)100/66 MHz Bus speed

Cache Memory:
dot.gif (72 bytes)Integrated on-die 32KB (L1) and 128KB/256KB(L2) cache on CPU.

Graphics Support:
dot.gif (72 bytes)ATI Rage XL 2x AGP controller with 230MHz RAMDAC
dot.gif (72 bytes)Desktop display modes up to 1600x1200x32 bpp colors. (8MB video RAM)
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 VGA and 1 DFP output ports
dot.gif (72 bytes)4 or 8MB SDRAM Display Memory

Onboard Promise PCI ATA-100/66/33, RAID controller:
dot.gif (72 bytes)Promise PDC20267 PCI ATA-100/66/33 RAID controller
dot.gif (72 bytes)Support 2 IDE ATA-100/66/33 connectors. (Up to 4 devices)
dot.gif (72 bytes)Support RAID, Hot Swap function

Onboard 2x Intel 82559 LAN Controllers:
dot.gif (72 bytes)Onboard 2x Intel 82559 PCI LAN controllers
dot.gif (72 bytes)Support IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX
dot.gif (72 bytes)Advance ACPI, WFM 2.0, Intel LDCM support
dot.gif (72 bytes)AOL-II support. (Optional)

System Memory:
dot.gif (72 bytes)4 DIMM sockets support up to 1GB using 16/64/128/256Mb technology 
dot.gif (72 bytes)Supports up to 4 double-sided DIMMs at 100/66 MHz memory bus
dot.gif (72 bytes)Un-buffered, NON-ECC / ECC DIMM support

On Board PCI IDE:
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 X PCI Bus Master IDE Ports (Up to 4 IDE Devices)
dot.gif (72 bytes)Support PIO Mode 0, 1, 2, 3
dot.gif (72 bytes)Supports Enhanced IDE PIO mode 3 and 4, 17MB/sec. (Max)
dot.gif (72 bytes)Support UDMA Mode 33MB/sec. (Max)

On Board I/O:
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 Floppy Port (up to 2.88 MB)
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 Parallel Port (ECP, EPP)
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 Serial Ports (16C550 Fast UART Compatible) with FIFO's, Plug & Play
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 PS/2 Keyboard connector
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 PS/2 Mouse connector
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 Standard USB Ports (48MHz) Supports up to 127 USB Devices 
dot.gif (72 bytes)Winbond hardware monitor W83782D
dot.gif (72 bytes)4 Fan connectors (2 has speed monitoring)
dot.gif (72 bytes)9 Voltage inputs
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 Chassis Open Monitor
dot.gif (72 bytes)2 Thermal inputs

Additional Features:
dot.gif (72 bytes)ACPI 1.0a, LDCM, WFM2.0 compliant
dot.gif (72 bytes)Keyboard/Mouse/USB wake up
dot.gif (72 bytes)Wake-on-LAN, Wake-on-Ring
dot.gif (72 bytes)PCI 2.2 compliant
dot.gif (72 bytes)PME# and 3.3VAux signals to support power management 
dot.gif (72 bytes)DOC (Disk-On-Chip) support

dot.gif (72 bytes)2M-bit Flash EPROM
dot.gif (72 bytes)Award PCI BIOS with Green and PnP Function, ACPI, APM, Y2K, PC99 and DMI support

Expansion Slots :
dot.gif (72 bytes)1 PCI/ATX Riser slot. (Up to support 1 Full-length and 1 Low Profile 32 bits PCI BUS mastering cards)

Form Factor :
dot.gif (72 bytes)Micro-ATX form factor
dot.gif (72 bytes)Board size: 9.6" x 10.1"