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Point-of-Sale (POS)

Technology has improved human's lives in many ways by providing smarter, easier, more convenient and secure services in the retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, public transportation stations, hotels, banks, entertainment and shopping centers. The most popular innovation is the Self-Serve Kiosk with touch screen capability which users are given the access to interact with the computer. All of the check in/checkout, information request or credit card transaction can be completed with the touch of a finger and card reader interfaces. Some of the robotic application such as the ATM machines is able to provide 24/7 - 365 operations banking services. Not only the late night shoppers are benefited, the bank is able to perform better customer services by extending their service hours. The Self-Serve Kiosk replaces or simply the traditional human-contact required procedure in order to increase the level of customer service satisfaction.

To provide a quality service and competitive value, Kiosk developers are turning to mobile and wireless devices, as well as processor-intensive and graphical display kiosks. To satisfy the rapidly increasing demands of this market, BCM's experienced sales and RD teams are able to customize the new generation reliable POS/Kiosk solutions to keep our customers stay ahead of their competitors.

POS and Self-Serve Kiosk industries served by BCM:
  • Retail Point of Sales (POS) System
  • Self-Serve Check in/Checkout Kiosk
  • Information Kiosk
  • Airport, Train station and Subway e-Ticketing Kiosk
  • Self-Serve DVD Rental Kiosk
  • Multimedia preview Kiosk
  • Parking Machine
  • e-Ticketing Kiosk
  • ATM Terminal
  • Multimedia Vending Machine
  • Coin Exchange Machine
  • Photo Kiosk
Self-Serve Kiosk


  • Custom scalable system design from the Intel® Atom™ low-power based to the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo platforms
  • Modular design to increase system flexibility
  • Touch Screen
  • Mobility and Wireless capability
  • Monitor sizes from 7 to 22 inch
  • Fulfills the demands of exceptional video performance by providing dual display, digital/TTL, DVI functions
  • Rich I/O and legacy support for the connection of external devices
  • Outstanding hardware designs for harsh environments, green materials (RoHS, lead-free)
  • Long lifecycle
  • Custom ID design for industrial grade chassis and enclosures
  • Custom peripheral & accessory design
  • Customized credit card transaction terminal & data verification
  • TPM or iAMT support for security purposes
  • Gigabit Networking for fast transmission
  • FCC, CE, UL and other certifications
  • Multimedia performance
  • Water/dust proof design
  • Anti-abrasion


Design for Point of Sale (POS)

SAA (Super Anti-Abrasion) Touch Panel

A common problem users have about touch panel system is hardness and abrasion of the panel. To solve this problem, BCM introduces Super Anti-Abrasion (SAA) technology to secure the surface of the front touch panel from hurt by sharp materials or frequent touch-operation. By covering a special and tough glass on the top (Glass on Top, GOT) BCM guarantees it’s not only an enhancement of the touch panel durability, also better visual effect and higher brightness is brought.

Rich I/O-Wide Expansion

Rich I/O design is a basic of POS systems for users to connect external devices, such as thermal printer, second display, card reader, magnetic strip reader (MSR) and so on. BCM products provide various I/O from USB, COM, ISA, GPIO to PCI/ PCIe/ MiniPCI/ Mini PCIe; in addition, touch panel interface and ability of second display extension are ready for users’ demands when necessary.

Custom Design for Point of Sale (POS) Application


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