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Board to System Level for Fitness Console Systems

Computing Design for Various Transportation Applications The transportation market covers many segments including ground, subway, ocean, and air transportation. There is a wide range of transportation applications that involve computing systems such as self-serve ticketing kiosks, self-serve parking meters, car charging meters, toll road payment systems, in-flight entertainment systems, digital signage systems in the lobby of public transportation stations, in-vehicle system solutions, fleet management systems, ocean/air cargo control room, and management systems. The hardware requirements of computing systems vary for each kind of application. With experienced in-house R&D and engineering teams, BCM can help clients to select the most suitable solution based on a customer's requirement and deadline. BCM has been helping our clients in designing fitness console systems for equipment such as the treadmills, cardio, and ellipticals. By customizing from one of our off-the-shelf high performance mini-ITX motherboards or open frame tablet (OFT), we help customers cost down development charges with innovative products and save time to market.

BCM specializes in complete turn-key custom design from board to system level computing systems with x86 and ARM (RISC) platform. We also provide ID and mechanical design in order to fit client's enclosure. Please contact one of our Sales Representatives for more details at BCMSales@bcmcom.com.

Smart Fitness Console Computing System Design

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BCM Advanced Research (BCM) is a leading developer and manufacturer of x86/ARM RISC embedded industrial motherboards and systems for ODMs and OEM that integrate computing technology into their products. We own a very strong R&D engineering team and operation department based in Southern California in order to provide prompt project develop support and instant problem solving assistance.