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Factory Automation Computing

Factory Automation Industrial Control

There are broad ranges of factory machines in many industries such as food & beverage, automotive, packaging, textile, energy, steel, and oil refining. These machines all require a central computing system to process the tasks. BCM provides various computing motherboards, industrial systems and panel PC, open frame solutions, as well as custom design and manufacturing services for clients who have these requirements.


Food Factory / Pharmaceutical Factory

Food Factory / Pharmaceutical Factory

Food and pharmaceutical factories require semi-rugged computers that are capable of running fanless and 24/7 within extended temperature environments. Splash proof and washable surfaces are required for producing such non-contamination products. BCM is dedicated to help our clients design computing systems with suitable components that meet these environmental conditions.



Robotics Factory Automation

Robotics Factory Automation

A state of the art automation solution merges motion, robotics and intelligent computing systems into an overall automated production facility. The systems require high computing performance with security and faster data transfer speed in order to handle multiple complex tasks. BCM provides computing systems that meet the requirements of industry 4.0 such as performance, connectivity, and security.



Food Packing Automation

Packaging Systems Automation & Distribution

BCM provides various computing motherboards, industrial panel PC and open frame modules for developers in the automated packaging business to choose and utilize. We provide high performance computing boards with rich I/O and display interfaces with touch screen as well as low power, lower cost RISC based computers.

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About BCM
BCM Advanced Research (BCM) is a leading developer and manufacturer of x86/ARM RISC embedded industrial motherboards and systems for ODMs and OEM that integrate computing technology into their products. We own a very strong R&D engineering team and operation department based in Southern California in order to provide prompt project develop support and instant problem solving assistance.