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Nano ITX Motherboard (4.7" x 4.7")

Nano ITX is a small form factor computer motherboard which measures approximately 4.7 x 4.7 square inches.  This type of palm size motherboard provides low power or ultra low power (less than 5 watts power consumption) while maintaining the outstanding graphics performance.  This low cost, low power and possibly fanless operated platform is designed especially for small handheld mobile devices, battery operated applications or any other space-optimized computing system including portable ultrasound system, small retail store Point-of-Sale system, portable Point-od-Care system for medicare, vehicle PC, DVR, set-top boxes.

BCM specializes in industrial motherboard design.  If you need an even smaller or any custom form factor low power platform, please Send Us Your Inquiry.

3rd Generation Intel® Atom™ N2600 1.66 GHz Dual Core Fanless nano-ITX

Features: Low profile heatsink, support DDR3, 32nm low-power processor onboard, Fanless operation, 6 USB, VGA, 18/24-bit Dual Channel LVDS, 12V DC Power, 6 x USB 2.0 2

About BCM
BCM Advanced Research (BCM) is a leading developer and manufacturer of x86/ARM RISC embedded industrial motherboards and systems for ODMs and OEM that integrate computing technology into their products. We own a very strong R&D engineering team and operation department based in Southern California in order to provide prompt project develop support and instant problem solving assistance.