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Ivy Bridge Whitepaper

Powering Up Intelligent Applications to Life with the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor based Industrial Motherboards (Ivy Bridge Platform)

Highlight: A platform that delivers faster, smarter and more efficient processing power ideally for performance-driven and graphics/3D/HD intensive industrial applications such as Medical Imaging systems, Digital Signage, Security Surveillance, Gaming Stations, Point of Sale, Factory Automation Systems, Industrial Control Systems, Test & Measurement Systems, Industrial PC, ATM Terminal, and Intelligent Retail Kiosks.

Smaller, Faster, More Powerful yet Less Power Consumption Intel® launched the 3rd generation Core™ processor, previously codenamed “Ivy Bridge”, during the second quarter of 2012. Architectural and manufacturing process changes to this processor family include 22nm processor technology, the introduction of tri-gate (3D) transistors, the capability of supporting three onboard independent displays, PCI Express 3.0 and USB 3.0 by default. The tri-gate (3D) transistor allows up to 37% faster than Intel’s current chip. Moving from 32nm to 22nm technology allows more transistors to be placed in the CPU which enables smaller, faster, more power efficient, low voltage and low power at the same time. read more...

RX67Q mATX Motherboard supports 6 monitors Live DemoRX67Q mATX Motherboard supports 6 monitors

RX67Q and RX67Q-LVDS uA TX Motherboards Support Multi-Monitors

Highlight: This document will focus on demonstrating its new feature, Multi-monitor support with Windows XP, which allows the system to operate onboard graphics and PCI/PCIe graphic cards simultaneously...... This feature was improved with more stability and configuration settings in its 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i/7/i5/i3 processors and ® Q67/QM67 chipset architecture, so called the Sandy Bridge platform. The most significant benefit of this improvement is to allow the motherboard to support more than two monitors which can not be done in the previous X86 platforms. read more...

Intel® Core™ i7i5 platform for gaming industry

Highlight: Technologies are changing the gaming and casino industries. Smart game players and the next generation casino customers have a higher expectation of the environment in which they choose to spend their leisure time. In today’s casino environments, resort and casino management strives against their competitors to draw in higher numbers of casino and hotel patrons and the all important future generation of game players to increase their total revenues and ensure a prosperous future while ultimately providing a secure and enjoyable casino experiences where their guests want to spend more time and come back often. As a result, many of the next generation gaming stations such as slot machines, video lottery terminals, automated card or roulette games are integrated with high-definition 3D video and audio content and provide cutting edge player interactivity and convenience. These types of advanced gaming devices can be found all over the casino floor in today’s modern casino. In order to present the stunning visual and audio effects, they intelligent systems require advanced software and hardware support working seamlessly together. A high-end slot machine is a perfect example when equipped with extra large screens with multi touch capabilities. Most gaming machines today are equipped with multiple displays with some displays designated for digital signage providing users and passers-by information such as show schedules, restaurant promotions, or hospitality specials... read more...

MX67QM mini-ITX for Digital Signage Applications

MX67QM mini-ITX Motherboard for Digital Signage Applications

Highlight: Digital Signage systems have undergone rapid change in just a few short years. From what initially started as a digitized poster using a PC monitor or television set has transformed into remotely managed and dynamically networked display delivering rich content in an intelligent, interactive, and intuitive way creating not only a broadcast message to the target audience but also absorbing the audiences’ reactions providing valuable feedback to the broadcaster. Today in general terms, digital signage systems can be revealed into three levels – (1) basic PC based digital signage system, (2) the mainstream networked digital signage system and (3) intelligent multi-core processor digital signage systems. This paper will focus on how BCM’s MX67QM mini-ITX motherboard supports digital signage applications for today’s market. read more...

Intel Atom D510 Processor for Digital Signage Intel Atom D510 Processor for Digital Signage Intel Atom D510 Processor for Digital Signage

Intel® Atom™ D510 Processor For Digital Signage System

Highlight: CASE STUDY: Company A is a leading supplier of a full line of system-level and solution-level digital signage products. Their products are used in the area of IPTV, Point of Purchase, Kiosks, hospitality, university, and Entertainment industries. This project is to develop a computing platform based on NVIDIA ION technology which can be mounted on the back of the 55 inch TV screen serving as digital signage display used in the bars, food court and restaurants. However the project was called off before entering into the 4/4 development stage due to ION is announced end of life (EOL). From this lessen company A has learned that the assurance of stable long lifecycle support is extremely important. They found BCM, one of the Associate members of the Intel® Embedded Alliance, and understand our qualifications is able to turn their custom design project into quick time-to-market in order to catch up the previous lost in terms of developing time and budgets to meet customer’s deadline. read more...

MX45GM Mini ITX Motherboard Specification White Paper MX45GM Mini ITX Motherboard Specification White Paper MX45GM Mini ITX Motherboard Specification White Paper

MX45GM Mini ITX Motherboard Specification White Paper

Highlight: MX45GM Mini ITX Motherboard Overview The MX45GM is an all-in-one x86-based industrial Mini ITX motherboard. The design is based on Intel’s Montevina platform, now formally named Centrino 2. It is based on the Socket P with the Mobile Intel® GM45 GMCH and ICH9M-E Express Chipset architecture. This platform features high performance with low power operation, excellent graphics performance, high-speed memory and input/output (I/O) bandwidth, rich I/O and expansion interfaces, Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT), and seven years embedded lifecycle support. The Intel® Socket P has 478 pins and is known as a 478-pin Micro FCPGA or μFCPGA-478. The socket P is the replacement socket for supporting the mobile Intel® Core 2™ processors including Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme, Core™ 2 Quad, and 45nm Core™ 2 Duo processors. When installed in the Socket P, the processor can run at 667, 800 or 1066 front-side bus (FSB) speed and can be throttled up or down for power saving purposes. read more...

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