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General Troubleshooting Tips

(1). Is your system properly assembled and configured?

Make sure the BIOS is set to default/optimal settings.  When the system boots, press<F2> or <DEL> key to enter setup, select Default or Optimal settings, then save and exit BIOS setup.

For ACPI support under Windows 2000, be sure your BIOS has been updated to the latest version. Please note that some of the EOL boards and all boards with 1MB BIOS will not support ACPI and can not run Windows 2000.

Jumpers settings onboard may need to be changed according to the User's Manual, or according to the "Jumpers" section on this website.

Double check to see if each of the peripherals are seated properly, that includes microprocessor (CPU), memory (DIMM), video card, etc.  Re-seating them may produce different results.

Verify that your power supply is plugged in and switched on (also check for the on/off switch on the back of the chassis), and select the proper voltage depending on your geographical region (115/120 for US; 220/230 for Europe)? CAUTION: For Europe residents, if the power supply is set for 115/120 volts and it has been accidentally plugged into a 220/230 volts power outlet, the system may have sustained permanent damage. In that case, please consult your vendor for part(s) replacement.

Some problems and/or conflicts can be resolved simply by flashing the BIOS to the latest version, which can be downloaded from this website. If the onboard BIOS chip is corrupted or damaged, please submit a request to Tech Support.


(2). Is there any conflict with hardware or drivers?

* Make sure your BIOS configured to default settings.

* Make sure the drivers installed for any peripheral are of the latest versions released by the corresponding vendor.

Windows may be using outdated drivers from an old setup or an old motherboard. These  older drivers may be causing problems or conflicts in your current system. The most  effective method to update all drivers is to perform a reinstallation of Windows on a newly formatted hard drive.

WARNING: Only experienced personnel should perform reinstallation as data loss may be possible.


(3). Have you verified all of your system components for functionality?

If the same problem persists as the system runs and you are not sure which component is at fault, Please inspect each of them:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Hard Drive
  • Video Card (if the motherboard is not equipped with on board video)
  • Sound Card (if the motherboard is not equipped with on board sound)
  • Network Card (if the motherboard is not equipped with on board network)
  • Modem Card and/or AMR
  • SCSI Card (if the motherboard is not equipped with on board SCSI)
  • Any other peripherals

If there are extra peripherals or components, please replace each component one by one to determine the corrupted device.

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