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Repair Coding Correlation

Repair Actions
Code Description
C-xxxx. Components/ System Parts
W-xxxx. Workmanship
P-xxxx. Physical Damage
D-xxxx. Not Repairable
R-xxxx. Rework
N-xx. No Error Found

Code Description
R-HW. Hardware Rework
R-ACC. Accessories Rework/ Replace
Apply for C, W, P and D
Code Description
x-M. Multiple Parts
x-T. Trace
x-L. Liquid
x-O. Others
x-xxxx. xxxx is Location

No Error Found
Code Description
N-01. No Error Found
N-02. Update BIOS
N-03. Clear CMOS
N-04. Reseat BIOS
N-05. Credit


HS - Heatsink
JUMP - Jumper
LOOP - Loopback Re-plug
PCB - PCB Bent or Burnt

LCD - LCD Panel
INTB - Interconnect Board
INTC - Interconnect/ OSD Board cable
INV - Inverter
INVB - Inverter Bracket (Sheet Metal)
INVC - Inverter Cable
PLAC - Plastic Cover
PLAS - Plastic Front Bezel
STD - Stand
TOU - Touch Controller
TOUC - Touch Cable
TOUP - Touch Panel

110C - 110V Power Cable
12C - 12V Power Cable
24C - 24V Power Cable
9C - 9V Power Cable
SCRW - Screw Loose/ Missing

AUXB - AUX Board (PN: 42052)
CLGB - CLGB Board (PN: 42053)
MX70 - MX700 Board (PN: 71211)
AUDC - Audio Cable
BAT- Charge Battery
CASF - Case Fan
CBKT - CPU Cooler Bracket
CHAC - Chassis Cover (Sheet Metal)
CHAS - Chassis Base/ Frame (Sheet Metal)
COMC - COM Cable
CPU - CPU Processor
CPUF - CPU Fan/ Cooler/ Heatpipe
FCRD - PCI Fiber Card
HDD - Hard Drive/ DOM/ CF
HDDB - HDD/ CD ROM Bracket (Sheet Metal)
IOS - I/O Shield
LABL - Label
LANC - LAN Cable (CAT5)
LED - LED Light
LOCK - Lock
LICE - License Key Sticker (XP, XPe, …)
MB - Motherboard
MEM - Memory
PACK - Packing Material
POWS - Power Switch
PS - Power Supply/ Power Adaptor
PSC - Power Supply/ Power Adaptor cable
QIG - QIG/ Manual
RBKT - Riser Card Bracket
RISE - Riser Card
SCRD - PCI Serial Card
SOFT - Re-Test/ Re-load testing program
SPKR - Speaker
TG - Thermal Grease/ Thermal Pad on CPU Die/ NB/ SB
TVC - TV Tuner Card
USBC - USB Cable
VIDP - PCI Video Card

For Rework

Code Description
R-ACC. Accessories Rework/ Replace
R-FW. Firmware Rework
R-HW. Hardware Rework

Problem Description

Code Description
M-01. No Boot
M-02. No Power
M-03. Boot Up Intermittent
M-04. No Video (Onboard)/ Video Test Fails
M-05. Audio Test Fails
M-06. LAN Test Fails
M-07. COM Port Test Fails
M-08. IDE/ SATA/ CF port Test Fails/ Not Detect
M-09. Power Intermittent/ Reset
M-10. Others
M-11. PCI, ISA, PCI-E x1 or x4 Slot
M-12. AGP or PCI-E x16 Slot
M-13. Memory Test Fails
M-14. USB Test Fails
M-15. Firewire 1394 Test Fails
M-16. Parallel Port Test Fails
M-17. Lock up
M-18. Auto Shut Down
M-19. BIOS Version is Wrong
M-20. PS/2 Test Fails
M-21. CPU/ Case Fan Test Fails
M-22. GPIO Error/ Fails
M-23. PCMCIA Test Fails
M-24. CMOS Date and Time cannot save
M-25. Cannot load in OS
System AIO
Code Description
S-01. LED Light Not Function
S-02. Power Switch Not Function
S-03. LCD Color is Off
S-04. Touch calibration fails
S-05. No/ Noise on TV Signal output
S-06. Error Before Load in OS
S-07. PCI Add On Card Test Fails
S-08. Chassis Scratch/ Bent/ Has Wrong Part
S-09. HDD Test Fails
S-10. Others
S-11. CPU Fan No Spin/ Noisy
S-12. Case Fan No Spin/ Noisy
S-15. No Touch Function

No Error Found
Code Description
N-01. NEF

Physical Damage
Code Description
P-L. Liquid
P-M. Multiple Parts
P-O. Others
P-T. Trace
P-xxxx. xxxx is location
Accessories (MB/ Barebone/ System)
Code Description
A-01. I/O Shield
A-02. Keyboard
A-03. Mouse
A-04. LAN Cable (CAT5)
A-05. Others
A-06. Power Adaptor
A-07. Power Cord
A-08. CPU Cooler Set

This repair coding is in Rev: A-6.
Note: If the coding doesn't mention on this page, the location will be on the board's silkscreen.
Last Updated: 11/01/2012

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