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BCM Advanced Research
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EmbedTekEmbedTek designs and manufactures purpose-specific computers and integrated display solutions for original equipment manufacturers. Our designs leverage commercial off-the-shelf technology, such as BCM’s industrial motherboards,  augmented with engineered hardware and software specific to our customers’ applications. We provide a breadth of services, from design through delivery and service, with a single point of contact and accountability.

EmbedTek, LLC
N7W23700 Bluemound, Suite 100
Waukesha, WI 53188
Main: (262) 367-3900
Website: www.embedtek.net

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About BCM
BCM Advanced Research (BCM) is a leading developer and manufacturer of x86/ARM RISC embedded industrial motherboards and systems for ODMs and OEM that integrate computing technology into their products. We own a very strong R&D engineering team and operation department based in Southern California in order to provide prompt project develop support and instant problem solving assistance.